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On this site you will find travelguides and other travel information to a small and beautiful country. But besides travel information, you also find facts about Israel and Judaism.

It provides news and pictures on Israel, but what is true and what is false?

The image shown up in the media is for me and many others not fair, and that is why I started this information site about Israel and Judaism.

I wish in this way to give you the opportunity to learn more about Israel and the people who live there. Israel is a very small country. But there are not many countries in the world that have so much sights on such a small area as Israel.

Israel has long nice beaches, one of the world's best water for diving, in Israel you find the world's lowest point. There are lots of attractions and biblical sites. Jerusalem, is just one of many holy places in the Holy Land. If you want to see more beautiful places you can see our movie
"Israel - Now and forever" or take a look at our photos.

Israel4u makes it easier for you to find good information, the reason is that here you will find all the information in one place, so instead of visiting several pages it's enough to visit us.


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