Southern Israel -  Eilat, Be’er Sheva and desert.


In the most southern part of Israel, on the shore of the Red Sea, you find the ultimate vacation resort, Eilat, that loads of Israeli and international tourists visit every year. The city offers 350 sunny days per year and is a perfect place for sunbathing all year round. It is easy to go to Eilat, since there are direct flights from several places in the world.

The most important characteristic of Eilat is the bright blue Red Sea, offering different kinds of activities for tourists. The northernmost coral reef in the world can be found in a nature reserve next to Eilat and both beginners and professional divers enjoy exploring the colorful world hiding in the sea. There are also boats with transparent glass floors and underwater observatories, if you want to watch the fish, the corals, etc. without getting wet. Other popular activities in the sea are, of course, bathing, surfing, sailing and water-skiing.

In Eilat you find a large number of beautiful, comfortable and luxurious hotels, such as the Sheraton and the Hilton, but there are also simpler hotels, apartment hotels and youth hostels. The city offers lots of restaurants of different kinds and is also well-known for its rich night life, with pubs, clubs, discos, etc.

When it comes to shopping, Eilat is a zone exempt from VAT and you can find great bargains at the large shopping center in town and in the booths on the gorgeous promenade.

If all of this is not enough, several international festivals are held every year in Eilat. Belly dance, chamber music, film and jazz are a few of the festival themes.

The closest city north of Eilat is Be’er Sheva, with around 200 000 inhabitants. The city is of biblical origin and next to the modern parts of Be’er Sheva you can visit Abraham’s well. The remains of the biblical city are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Be’er Sheva there is a lot to look at, for example an impressive air force museum. Once a week there is also a Bedouin market in Be’er Sheva, where colorful handicraft, such as glass products, clothes, jewelry and carpets, are sold. Walking there between the booths is a very special experience.

The Bedouins come from the large Negev desert, surrounding Be’er Sheva. The desert offers several exotic and thrilling activities for tourists, for example going on a fascinating jeep safari or riding a camel. It is also an exceptional experience to hike in dried up river beds in the desert, where you can observe fantastic scenery of mountains, sand, stone and wild animals.

For anyone interested in sunbathing, night life, festivals and/or exotic experiences, southern Israel is the obvious destination for the next trip.


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