Northern Israel – Beautiful Nature, Interesting Places, Splendid Bathing, etc.



In the northern parts of Israel you find magnificent nature, several interesting places, a few sites for fantastic bathing and lots more.

If you like hiking in the woods and/or next to rivers and lakes, northern Israel is a highly recommended area for outings. In this region you can go by bicycle around the Sea of Galilee, go skiing, climb mountains, go rafting or visit vineyards.

Safed (Tsfat) is a small, but interesting and beautiful town in the Upper Galilee. The city is one of four holy cities in Judaism (The others are Tiberias, Hebron and obviously Jerusalem.) and Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah, was founded there. In the picturesque old part of the city you find several magnificently decorated synagogues. Among the paved alleys there is also a colony of artists, where you can enter lots of studios and workshops and meet the artists.

Tiberias (Tveriah) and the Sea of Galilee are other popular destinations in northern Israel. There you can follow in Jesus’ footsteps, but also stay at one of about thirty hotels situated in and around Tiberias, go swimming or go for a boat ride.

South of Tiberias is Beit Shean, a town with a very rich past. In the national park of Beit Shean an entire Roman city has been excavated and you can walk on a Roman street, visit the public baths and the theater, etc. If you would like to, you can also participate in new excavations.

In the Lower Galilee you find Nazareth, the place where Jesus grew up. The city is obviously very important in the Christian world and you can find a large number of beautiful and famous churches there. (The Church of the Annunciation is the most important one.) It is a very special feeling to walk around in the old parts of Nazareth, because of the spirituality and holiness that prevail there. However, the city also includes a bustling open-air market, an old Turkish public bath and lots more for tourists.

Acco is a small town in north-western Israel, founded about three thousand years ago. There you find several magnificent historic remains, such as a few fortresses, the city wall and the moat. However, there is also a tempting beach, a lovely marina, a colorful oriental market and several exquisite restaurants.

Not far from Acco is Haifa, the third largest city in Israel, with about 300 000 inhabitants. The city is spread out on the Carmel Mountain and offers gorgeous beaches and fantastic views. There is a cableway directly to/from the beach and a subway through the mountain. At one of the stations you find the Bahai World center, the most important complex for Bahai followers from over two hundred countries. The area includes magnificent Persian gardens in several levels, exquisite sculptures and a fabulous shrine covered with gold. Fantastic!

South of Haifa, on the Mediterranean coast, is the holiday resort Netanya, built on cliffs 20-40 meters above sea level. From the eight kilometer long promenade, including hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, parks and playgrounds, you have a splendid view of large parts of the coastal region of Israel. There you can go paragliding for example, but also take the elevator (!) directly down to the beach.

To conclude, a visit to the northern parts of Israel is a must when you are in the country next time.


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